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Representative/Creative Consultant/Designer/Business Creators/MPD

“Addition without subtraction beyond companies or fields”

Each and every person is not so multi-talented. Surely, that’s fine. It’s all right if you have just one far-out creativity. Let’s add and add your best specialty to others, then it would be creation of value!

For Example

For example, even if you have lots of things you are not good at, you can

be active with your only one outstanding strength from now on.

We build a creative group with adding their outstanding abilities. We provide exciting experiences with “adding and sharing” self-resources owned by indivisuals and companies.

This Process will be the source of the one and only product’s story.


We provide degital data of excellent painting works and construction of product’s story. In addition, following options can be added upon request.

– planning and designing custom-made products for the buisiness domain (products/services) of client companies

– supporting to build a sales channel for new products

The sales for our buisiness are returned to creation teams (artists and affiliated institutions) for their sustainable creative activities.

Company Name

    and and plus Corporation(andand+)


Representative Corporate Executive Officers

    Hiroki Asakawa



    2-46-1 Sasazuka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0073



    September 5, 2018



    1,000,000 yen(as of September 2018)


Business year

    Every year from September 1 to August 31 of the following year


Main business activities

    ・Art curation, lease and sales of illustrations in cooperation with atelier-style welfare facilities

    ・Product design, space design, communication design and art direction

    ・Design and planning of art event or sales promotion

    ・Making a good cycle of creator’s activity

    ・Research and Development



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